Monday, November 9, 2009


I don't have time to write much this evening, but I sat down with the district manager today and presented to him the "music minute" idea. He thought about it and said "well why not?" We also talked about a lot of realistic logistics like how the electrical stuff works, how we publicize it, and if someone got hurt and sued the company. The insurance part is a little scary, but I am curious to know if Friendly's has insurance for the customers?

All in all though, he enjoyed the presentation, which was mostly what I had shown all of you in the post "Find the Joy in Dancing." He asked me to write an outline about what we discussed, and reconnect on Friday. He thought about having the music minute once a week and watch the sales. If there is an increase, we'll try two days. He felt that Friendly's is losing money anyway, and so why not try something with the potential to bring in more customers?

I think that God was on my side today. It was a bit frightening, yet I gave the best presentation I possibly could, and all that I presented just might work!

I might be able to dance again!


The Spontaneous Waitress


Aron said...

you make the 70's coming back again

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