Thursday, November 5, 2009

Find the Joy in Dancing!

I feel that now is a very good time to thuroughly explain my idea. I've kept it a secret for a while now, but I just can't seem to keep this in any longer. This is the message I wish to convey to my regional manager....
My cause is just, and it is also simple:

Create a change of flow from a negative day to a positive one.

I believe that the Friendly's Restaurant has the power to change the customer's day into something more pleasant than if they had not come into the restaurant at all. (Why do I somehow feel like a motivational speaker??)

There is so much going against us at this present hour. The economy is horrible, the government bailout put our country more into debt, our troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, almost 10% of our population is out of a job (that's a big one!), and least our oil prices aren't so bad, right? There is so much to be sad about, and I want to find a way where I could somehow change that.

I'm determined to find a solution that I can do.

First, I have found certain elements that make us happy(1):

1.The Power of Friendship
"First, family and friends are crucial - the wider and deeper the relationships with those around you the better.
It is even suggested that friendship can ward off germs. Our brains control many of the mechanisms in our bodies which are responsible for disease.
Just as stress can trigger ill health, it is thought that friendship and happiness can have a protective effect.
According to happiness research, friendship has a much bigger effect on average on happiness than a typical person's income itself"

2. The Power of a God
"The second vital ingredient is having meaning in life, a belief in something bigger than yourself - from religion, spirituality or a philosophy of life."

3. The Power of Goals
"The third element is having goals embedded in your long term values that you're working for, but also that you find enjoyable"

I believe in friendship, I believe bringing a smile to other people's faces is my current goal, and I believe in a higher being. Ask yourself if you are happy, and if you have these elements in your life.

Let's focus on friendship, because that's the name of my company. One thing with friendship, I deeply feel that you always have time to make a new friend. That's what Friendly's should be, right? Being a wait staff gives me a chance to meet brand new people and bring out some new smiles. Smiles equals endorphins, smiles equals satisfaction, smiles equals love.

Alright, so my grand master plan can be put it into one word:


Ok, so maybe my little restaurant does not have a dance floor, nor does it have the time to have an all hours danceathon. So what do I mean when I mean dancing? Well in researching, it seems that I am not the only person who has this idea.

Meet Matt Harding! His video explains it all, and I am so thrilled that he has the same idea as I do. Take a moment and watch, and feel the happiness this brings into your heart:

Did that not make you feel a little bit joyous? That is my plan! I call it the "Magic Music Minute Project." Here are some logistics:

-It will be when I first come into work, (5pm) so I would not be serving any tables or have any prior commitments yet.
-This would be a daily 5pm event that the Friendly's in my particular area would provide.
-Hopefully there would be a sign on the door indicating the time it begins, so it would not completely surprise everyone who is dining at that hour.
- all songs must be positive, both young and old appropriate, and up-beat so you can dance to it!
- I would gather everyone's attention and say the same words every day, at the same time:

My I have your attention Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here at Friendly's we have come to understand that given the current economical circumstances, happiness in our customers is not as prevelant as it once was. People have lost their jobs and the economy is down. Because of these circumstances, And because Friendly's is committed to our customer's happiness, this particular Friendly's Restaurant at {give location} has decided to find a way to bring a little bit of happiness into your life, by creating the "Magic Music Minute." This minute is where we turn up a positive feel-good song and the customers and I are welcome to dance in the aisles. If you do not wish to get up and dance then that's perfectly fine, I'll be dancing for you! So without further ado, here is our Friendly's Magic Music Minute! {Que Music!}

So far I have a few songs that come to mind:
-"Enjoy It!"
-"I've Got The World on a String"
-"Aint No Mountain High Enough"
-"I'm a Believer"
-"Walking on Sunshine"

Wish I had more songs at the moment, but I know I can find some more. What kind of positive uplifting song gets your hips twisting and legs grooving? Do you believe in this kind of idea?

The worst that could happen is I dance all alone, and nobody joins me. Then I look like a goofball.
BUT! The BEST thing that could happen is that people get up and dance, they bring their friends, and there are more people at the 5pm hour than there ever was before, boosting the profits and even good publicity of the Friendly's Ice Cream Company. But most importantly, in the best of circumstances it would bring about a moment of bliss, which is what America really needs at this time.

I believe in this project, and I'm willing to look like a goofball for one person to have a gloomy day be lifted.

The Spontaneous Waitress




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