Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dancing equals SMILES!

I was put into training with the fountain staff to get the hang of the ice cream when they are not around during the weekdays. The boys were really nice in showing me how each ice cream was made. A funny comment was about the malts - if you put one scoop of malt powder in it's just right, but two scoops, and you'd be running to the bathroom the rest of the night! haha!

You couldn't say we didn't get dirty, I had ice cream remnants up to my elbows and washed my hands and arms often. One of the customers had a special shake order of bananas, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter sauce mixed together! Crazy, but cool!

There were some slow periods, and I learned how to be able to get out of the refrigerator and freezer if ever I get locked in, there is a handle on the side. Being locked in is a big fear of mine, so I'm glad I asked.

During a slow period I thought that it would be the most opportune time to mention the absence of ambiance to my manager. He had said that some of the customers do not like the music, so we have to turn it down sometimes. I suppose they forget to turn it back up again once they leave, because it was almost non existent. If you stood directly underneath a speaker then you might be able to hear something. I told him I have one request: turn up the volume on the music! Music provides a pleasant atmosphere and a jovial place for happier customers. Not only that, it really makes my job a lot easier when I'm bopping to the music!

After prodding him a bit, I told him that if he allowed me to turn up the volume, I promise to do a dance down the aisles. He seemed a bit amused at the thought, and directed someone to show me where the volume was, and we turned it up a smidge. Not blasting or anything, but loud enough to hear it.

Then there was another problem: where were the 50's tunes?? This was 80's music! Better something than nothing though, right? I couldn't seem to figure out how to change the channel to have the oldies back. If you work at Friendly's or have been to Friendly's, do you hear 50's music or something else? This will be something I'll inquire to the manager on another day, but a promise is a promise!

I waited for a good beat song to come on....aaaaannnnnddddd

I danced!

And every customer smiled. Some even laughed!

I did it mostly for the kids, and it's not like I'm an amazing dancer, but jumping around and moving and grooving did make the kids laugh. And it made the parents happy too.

I asked one of the fountain boys to dance with me, and he sheepishly agreed. We waltzed down the aisle, and when there was a table of five and little space in between for the both of us, I did a twirl to get us through. Even the elderly laughed at our funny waltz.

Everybody loved it, including the manager. He asked me if I would dance the next evening, which is Halloween night. I said YES! I would LOVE TO!

And so begins my grand master plan of dancing.

My prediction is that the satisfaction of the customers will be higher, and the tips for the waitresses will be greater during the slower moving times when I get out and do a dance for our Friendly's customers.

Now this is not to say that I am not bound to get some ridicule. The fountain boy that danced with me was made fun of by everybody for the rest of the night. (I apologized to him and he said that he gets it all the time and it doesn't bother him in the slightest). They didn't make fun of me who had the idea in the first place, probably because I was new. But just wait. It's going to come, I know it. But it's alright, the dancing and the music is worth it!

So why am I doing this? Well if it makes the customer's Friendly's experience a little brighter, then why not? Is not our motto "Service With a Smile" ?? and "Friendly, you bet we are!" ?? So what is wrong with doing something to encourage that?

Absolutely nothing.

This is a tough and depressing economy as it is, and I believe in a Friendly's that has the ability to change that!

I rest my case.

-The Spontaneous Waitress


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