Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Got Hired

Let's get one thing straight: I was not originally a waitress, I'm an artist!..And starving one at that. It's not that I'm not a good artist, it's that nobody wants to buy art when they are struggling themselves. My watercolors have not been selling at the galleries. My husband has his master's degree, and for some reason no matter how many interviews he goes to, every one of them has turned them down. Perhaps one day in a better economy, art will come back and I'll start selling again.

So what do I do? Something's gotta give, so I apply to a little Friendly's Restaurant. I'll have to go through some training, but I actually waitressed at the same restaurant back when I was going to college. It all should come back to me fairly easily.

On my way home from the restaurant I was reviewing all of my highlights of my waitressing experience while back in college, and there was one thing that stuck out to me the most. There was a time when a little girl was dancing in the aisle, and I danced with her. A week later I had received high reviews by the mother from the website. I love to dance in the restaurant because they play a fun fifties music. I would dance when I was cleaning off the tables, bop my head when I was serving food and...

then it hit me.

An idea!

It seemed so ridiculous, and yet the more I thought about it, this idea seems so perfect in this struggling economy to lift some spirits and bring smiles to the customer's faces.

And it would also bring in more customers, boosting profit during a normally slow hour.

It's perfect!

All I need to do now is survey the land when I finally start work, and see if my idea is even feasible. Then figure out a way to best present this idea to the manager as well as district manager for approval. We'll just have to wait and see!


The Spontaneous Waitress

Hooray for Friendly's! It's the coolest place to work!


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