Sunday, October 25, 2009

Research On Tips

Tips are important for me because that is where I will be banking in on, and I don't want to fudge it! I did a little research and here are my findings:

1- bring a set of pens and some dollars/change to break

It's always a good idea to bring a few pens so if two tables have pens to write on their reciept, then I would have one to write down a new order at a table. Also bring some dollars, 2 fives, 10ones, and a couple dollars in change so I can break the bills when I receive them in cash.

2- consolidate your steps

This means that if two tables are requesting something (one some ketchup and the other needs a credit card swiped) when you go back to the kitchen, do them both while you are there. grab the ketchup and swipe the card and come back to both those tables.

3- make the customer happy

the majority of my wages come out of the tips that I receive, and so it is important to know that I need to make sure that the customer is receiving everything they need and at an efficient rate. Drinks refilled, food coming out on time, checking in on them to make sure the food is good, etc.

4- know your menu

knowing your menu shows that you are professional and passionate about the food you serve, and when a customer asks what is good, you can tell them based on their personal preferences in food.

5- apologize if you mess up

If you or even the cook messes up your order, the customer sees you and not the cook, be a mature sport about it, apologize politely and find a way to fix the problem. If it's really bad then you can ask the manager to go to the table and help you out. They can sometimes smooth things over better than you can.

Anyone have any good advice on what makes you tip high? I always like a good joke from a server, but not everyone likes that.

The Spontaneous Waitress


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